Getting Ready For Your Kid’s First Birthday

Children are the apples of our eye. Even though it seems like they don’t understand that it is their birthday when it comes to the first birthday of your child, it is important that you celebrate it simply as an important milestone in his or her life. You can of course have memorabilia saved for him or her to look at when they are older. So how to plan the perfect first birthday party for your kid?

Plan from A to Z

Any event will be more successful if it is properly planned with time to spare. Therefore, start from the beginning. Where, when, how and what are the most important questions to answer. If we take where first, it is about the venue. Would you like to have it at home? Or do you think it’s too much of a hassle? Of course the option is available to have it at a hotel or at an outside venue.

You may want to consider the guests. It will mostly be kids. Therefore space is very important. So if you don’t have a lot of space at home you may want to contemplate hiring an external venue. If it is a slightly bigger place with a sizable garden, it will be more advantageous.

When and how

When doesn’t mean what date you are choosing to have the birthday party. Obviously it’s going to be on your son’s or daughter’s birthday. When refers to what time exactly you are planning this party to be at. If it is a work day you might have to apply for a leave. But not all kids’ parents can do so. If it is a holiday, you have the option of having a party in the morning or in the evening.

You have to think about the guests as well. Your kid’s friends cannot drive themselves therefore their parents or guardians will have to accompany them. Consider their timing issues as well. “How” may refer to a theme. You can throw a pirate party, a pool party, cartoon-themed party or a games party. It has to suit the age group and be easy on your pocket as well.

Something unique

With the decors and the theme you can attempt to do something unique. When you are making gift parcels to give out to the guest kids, try to go for something different than what most kids get at these sorts of parties. You can buy gift boxes online and probably choose them to suit each kids’ likes and dislikes.

There are a lot of options and you can go for cartoon characters, colors and many more themes. Since it is not easy nor very prudent to give different gifts to different kids, as they obviously tend to quarrel with each other if they see something different in their friend’s hand, trying to differentiate the wrapping is a better idea.

Time goes by so quickly and without you even knowing it, your kid will start to go to school and in a very short time leave home to attend college. These memories are what you will be left with. So try to make the best of them.

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