Getting Ready for The Big Day

Weddings are the most memorable days in one’s life. While it encompasses a lot of handwork, planning, preparing, and execution, the ultimate results are worth the effort and time invested.However, there are many little details that one must look into when one is planning.

For example, the themes, the budget, venue, catering, guests and so much more! Unlike any birthday party, planning a wedding is not so easy. In most cases, couples take the guidance of an event planner to execute their ideas into reality and create an exact replica of what they had dreamt of and desired.

With a variety of choices available in every element of planning, whether it be the venue, the theme, or the dress code, it can be overwhelming and a troubling task for one to make a selection. Thus, we have listed a few items to help you in the process of planning a wedding. 

Tips For Selecting the Wedding Dress


The first most task is to allocate a budget for the dress. From that, one must at least keep 20% for the future expenses, such as the dress accessories and alteration costs. 


As mentioned above, one should do a little research on the dress styles, fabric types, colour palettes that are popular in trend. This technique allows one to grab inspiration and create the best version of their dream dress. The key is to find the best fit, and one should start the selection process months before the main date. Apart from that, you should also keep a backup idea that could come in handy in case. 


One should begin the preparation of the wedding dress once the venue and the time of the main event are finalized. For instance, if you are hosting the ceremony by the beach in daylight, a ball gown with a dramatic design can adorn your body! 


Perhaps, most fabrics are suitable throughout the year. But, certain materials like, organdie fabric and linen are more appropriate for summers. Likewise, brocade and velvet fabric are the best choices for the cooler weather. Furthermore, one could also buy wedding dress online Australia experiences all four seasons, so you must keep the type of fabric in mind. Moreover, if you are taking vows in a cathedral, then short slip dresses are a big NO!

What Are the Most Aesthetic Wedding Themes?

Modern style

Unlike the traditional typical wedding styles- this theme is a complete contrast. When one imagines a modern style for their big day; it is- clean and defined lines, proportioned shapes, and minimal designs. 

However, when opting for a modern style, there are other elements one could play with- such as taking a break from the traditional white dress code and, even have bold, unusual colour schemes.   

The casual

In today’s time, with the pandemic situation, weddings are happening on a much smaller scale, with a minimum crowd. Hence, this is a perfect laid-back style that one could use to celebrate the big day with intimate connections. Usually, this is an outdoor setup, with a natural backdrop. There are plentiful themes found online from which one can select their big day’s decoration.

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