Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee

Marquees are one of the best ways to make space for a large number of guests at your wedding; especially if you want to choose your home or your garden as the venue. However, you still need to decorate the large, blank space it provides for your big day. Take a look at the following tips to see how to decorate the wedding tents to give it just the right amount of flashiness.

Choose the Right Lining

Most suppliers will have a number of lining and valences for the canopies. This is where your decoration should start. When you are looking for marquee hire Sydney, also look for the lining that comes in different colours and patterns. You can try choosing something that will match the wedding theme or the colours you have in mind. This will help you to match the interior of the canopy with the rest of your décor.

Use Bold Colours

Remember this is a lot of blank space that you are trying to cover. Choosing small decorations or lighter colours sometimes will not work as they may look too bland against the mostly white background. Instead choosing bolder colours and larger decorations will help you to fill the space perfectly and your decorations will look amazing with the contrasting light background. This applies for table top decorations, pedestal, flower arrangements as well as the pole decorations.

The Right Amount of Lighting

While during the day time you can rely mostly on the natural light, you still need to think of the lighting for inside the tent. The interior of the tents, the canopy like ceilings, provide the perfect layout for creating a fairy-tale background with the lighting. Candles however will not always be allowed to be used by the suppliers as it might cause the risk of a fire so you can settle for lamps or fairy lights. Using LED lights and wireless lamps are always a good choice.

Hanging Decorations

The ceiling is another place to decorate. Hanging decorations are famous when it comes to decorating the ceiling of the canopy of your tent. Try some decorations such as paper lanterns, balloons or even flower garlands. Lack of decoration of the ceiling will only make it look a large boring area of white space so don’t limit your decorations just to the floor areas. You can also add some lights to the ceiling and let them hang at different heights.

While decorating the tent is different than decorating a ballroom or a party hall, it is not much difficult if you know where to put the right decor and what to include in your décor collection. Also remember when you are using lights, get the help of an electrician in order to avoid any accidents with wires and other technical difficulties. Also, while it is important to make your decorations bold, do not go overboard and fill up the space with too much decoration. You still need to keep the space for your guests to move and dance so don’t make it too stuffy either.

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