Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ideas To Consider

The venue plays an important role in the wedding dreams of a young bride-to-be and groom-to-be.  Here is a list of most romantic outdoor wedding venues for you, whether it is an intimate space to cozy up fewer guests or a larger venue to spread out your long list of guests. 

·        Bundaleer Rainforest gardens

·        Stamford Plaza Brisbane

·        Hillstone St. Lucia

·        Victoria Park

·        The Landing at Dockside

Features Of A Fairy-Tale Wedding With A Garden Back-Drop


Floral Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations with a floral touch will set the tone for your fairy-tale garden wedding.  Watercolour details, floral motifs and soft pastel colors are some ideas for this.

Bouquets and Head-dresses

Roses and Peonies are great for any garden wedding bouquets.  Your bridal retinue will feature a fairy-like ethereal beauty with floral bouquets, head-dresses, wrist corsages etc.

Floor length bride’s maids’ dresses

Dress your maids and flower girls in long flowing gowns in mix-and-match styles for that ethereal nymph-like beauty of your bridal retinue.

A cake adorned by flowers

A simple buttercream tiered wedding cake structure can be transformed into one of the most exquisite design by adding a cascade of fresh or fondant flowers.  Alternative cake designs could be a horse cart full of flowers or cascading flower fountains.

Aisle markers/hanging garlands

Small flower arrangements serve as perfect aisle markers while hanging greenery or flower garlands from tree branches add to the beauty.

Flower Arches

A beautiful flower arch at the focal point of the ceremony where the bride and groom say “I do,” will glue your guests’ eyes to the spot.

Reception Area

Clear top tents and canopies along with floral touches give an out of the world effect to your reception area set amidst a beautiful garden space.  Beautiful canopies in brisbane are available for rent or sale, which can be decorated with foliage, flowers and lanterns to give your reception party a mesmerizing effect.

Table Décor

Table numbers with leaf prints or pressed flower petals on them, moss candles or votive candles are some things that make part of the table décor.  Potpourri or flower centerpieces complete the décor.

Chairs with Greenery

Chairs dressed up in simple greenery garlands make an effortless décor.

Long Banquet Tables

Seat your guests at long banquet tables as opposed to the traditional round or square reception tables.

DIY Food Bars

The trendiest of trends in wedding food and the most appetizing way to please your guests are wedding food bars!

Drink bars can consist of coffee, champagne, beer, martini, margarita, lemonade, mimosa and hot chocolate.

Appetizers and finger food bars may be made up of salads, mashed/baked potato, poutine, biscuit, cheese and crackers, fruit, oyster, soup, pickle, chips and salsa, nacho, taco etc.

Dinner bars may consist of Sushi & Saki, grilled cheese, pizza, burger, pasta, sandwich, slider and hot dog.

Breakfast bars will ideally serve cereal, waffle, pancake, crepe, oatmeal etc.

Any food bar is not complete without a dessert bar that serves caramel apple, doughnut, pie, cheesecake, s’more, ice-cream, candy, cake/cupcake, chocolate fountain, fruit pizza, cookies etc.

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