How To Expand Your Living Space Without Breaking The Bank

Let’s face it, we are never really satisfied with the amount of space we have within our houses. Our possessions tend to take up so much space, that we run out of it way sooner than we’d want and the cost of restructuring our homes to accommodate these requirements can be overwhelming. So, what can we do to tackle this problem without breaking the bank? Here are a few suggestions that might help you accomplish this.

Focus On The Exterior

The outdoor area is great for expanding the living space without spending thousands of dollars in completely remodeling your entire house. You can design a unique area right outside your home which can be used for a number of purposes such as relaxing, cooking, studying or entertaining guests depending on your preference and requirement. A tent structure in the yard would be a great addition which can be decorated using lights, ornaments and plants to better match the surrounding natural environment. You can find tents for sale Melbourne in all shapes and sizes.

Dual Purpose Rooms

Who says that a room must only be used for a single purpose? It is up to you, the homeowner to determine exactly how you are going to make use of the available space inside the house, and it is always a good idea to make the rooms serve multiple purposes in order to make the best of the available square footage. Since the size of household electronic equipment such as printers and computers is shrinking with each passing year, you can easily use any available space in the household to set up a table and a chair and fashion an office space with ease. This way, you can free-up individual rooms to be used as great bedrooms, game rooms or storage rooms.

Finishing Unfinished Spaces

Two of the most commonly neglected spaces of any household are the attic and the basement. These areas are usually left unfinished as the focus is mostly given to completing the key living spaces such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and the bathrooms. However, once finished completely, a spacious attic or a basement can be used as an additional bedroom or a storage room which will significantly increase the usable square footage of the property, without piling on the cost. Since there will be no extra cost of construction, you will only have to spend on electrification, furnishing and painting.

Organize Storage

Instead of inefficiently allocating large amounts of useful space for storing various items around the house, organize the way you store household items and the extent to which you make use of the available spaces. Furniture items such as tables and beds that can double as storage areas are one of the best ways to declutter the living space and save loads of square footage.

While most homeowners focus only on buckets, cupboards, bins and stands that go on the floor, they completely ignore the vertical spaces on the walls that could be utilized for storage. Install shelves in carefully selected places of the walls where a diverse range of items can be stored without compromising on floor space.

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