4 Beginner Tips for Making Short Films

Short films are a very important part of the entertainment industry. It has been the stepping stone into bigger projects for many indie film producers all over the world. Before Christopher Nolan became the critically acclaimed director he is today, he began by making short films like Doodlebug. Hence, if you want to get into the film industry as a director or producer, the best thing to do is to create your own short film.

If you’re not sure how to get started, don’t worry. The beginner tips we’ve compiled in this article should give prove you with some helpful answers:

Keep It Simple

A lot of first-time filmmakers make the mistake of dreaming too big from the very beginning. In reality, short films don’t have very much going on. The focus is more on making some profound emotional connection with the audience while keeping the plot as simple as possible.

So if you’ve got some ideas on a grand scale, we recommend putting a pin on those for now. Instead try to keep things as simple as possible, at least plot-wise.

Here’s a fun challenge for you: try to come up with a plot that revolves around one character, one character and one location. It’s not as easy as you think!

Get the Right Equipment

Just because you’re making a short film doesn’t mean that you should skimp out on the production aspect of things. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the best cameras on the industry, but you should at least get the right type of equipment (lenses, steadicams, mics…etc.). A lot of indie film makers rent this equipment instead of buying them and that’s sounds like a great idea if you’re shooting on a tight budget.

Another alternative is to let an experienced video production Melbourne-based agency handle all of the shooting. This way you save time on find the right crew to handle the equipment.

Communication Is Crucial

In order for an entire crew to be able to bring your vision to life, they need to be able to know what is exactly. So if you’re going to be a director or a producer, you need to be able to articulate every detail just as you envision it in your head. How should the characters look? Does the scene unfold with a continuous shot or jump shots?

Become Familiar with the Locations

All great filmmakers use location to their advantage. There may be some unique nuance that you can add to the scene with some component in the surroundings. Hence, we recommend always familiarizing yourself with the location before you begin shooting.

Considerable planning is required if you’re shooting outdoors. For instance, you need to pay attention to the weather and make sure it’s going to be perfect for the scene. Also shooting in crowded places is going to be a bit of a challenge. You could have people walk in and out of the shot or make funny faces at the camera.

Producing a short film isn’t at all easy. However, once you put these tips to practice, you’ll find that the process is becoming easier bit by bit.

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