Expert Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks

Planning your own wedding can sometimes be a little stressful. There will be so many things to consider, from dress code to venues. So, if you are hoping to tie the know in near future, and is wondering how to start planning your big day, here are some wedding planning tips to make your planning much easier.

Stick to Your Budget

The very first thing in planning any big event is to set up a budget. Wedding planning can be very expensive thing and you need to be careful on what you spend money. Planning a budget early will help you to plan your expenses. Allocate amounts for each and every task – dresses, menu, venue, invitations, decorations, flowers, photography etc. – and stick to them and not spend too much on unnecessary items. It is also better if you can keep track on what you spend daily during the planning process.

Pick Your Venue

The next step is to pick a venue of your choice. If you want to have a destination wedding you can choose a tropical beach you prefer. But if you like the urban lights and the city atmosphere, pick a venue to have a rooftop wedding. Or you can simply choose to have a traditional church wedding. A celebration at your backyard is another great venue, especially if you are looking for a way to cut down on the money you have to spend on the venue. But keep in mind that you also need to consider the number of guests you are inviting as you need to provide seating for all those who will attend.

Dress Code

Your dress code depends on the venue. If you are choosing to have a beach wedding then there is no need to choose heavy gowns or tuxedos, you can simply opt for a boho style. Churches will often have a dress code and therefore you might have to stick to traditional white dresses. The design and style of your dress also depends on your body type. Certain dresses will complement your figure and certain dresses will not look good on you. If you are unsure how to pick a dress that fits your best, you can just visit any of the bridal shops Sydney and there will be plenty of shop assistants to help you out.

Plan Your Menu

This is another area where you have to consider your guest list as you should never leave your guests hungry. Another important fact to consider is the allergies and other food restrictions of your guests. If there are guests who are allergic to certain food items or who are vegetarian, then you need to be careful when planning the menu. This doesn’t mean you have to plan a full vegetarian menu, but make sure that there are options for all the guests. Inform these matters early to your caterers.

Decorations and Invitations

Designing and sending invitations to your guests has to be done as early as possible. This will give your guests enough time to prepare themselves for the days, especially if this is a destination wedding. You can pick the decorations of your choice depending on the venue. There are certain venues such as beaches or wineries that do not need much decoration. But if you are considering ballrooms or churches, you can talk to the managers of the venue about the decorations. It is ok to add innovative and fancy décor to the venue but don’t go over the top.

Make sure you have a timeline prepared for the planning process. This will help you to finish everything on time including booking a venue, contacting a photographer and sensing invitation. Remember, that last minute work in a wedding is never a fun thing.

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