Things To Look For When Choosing A Wedding Location

Planning a wedding is a full on task. There are so many things to consider, so many big decisions to make, so many factors to consider, so many people involved and so on. One of the main big decisions you will have to make as soon as you decide to get married and host a wedding is the place. This is pretty much the starting or initiation point of the planning process and everything else is simply worked on from there, basically adding onto that. It is essentially the framework of the whole event. There are many ways to go about this; especially if you have hired a wedding planner, they will simply lay out all your options that are suited to you but in this situation make sure to be a hundred percent sure that the planner is showing what’s ideal for you and not for some hidden benefits. Here are some key things to look out for when choosing that perfect wedding location:

Decide On The Capacity

The guest list should be sorted as soon as you can to know how many people are there to be accommodated. Knowing this number will give you the ease of making a decision that is most appropriate for you. Suppose you have a smaller number of people to host, then choosing a more intimate location is best suited and in the case that you have a very large crowd of people attending, then a much larger hall would be appropriate.

The Location

Decide on whether the wedding is an outdoor or an indoor event and then choose accordingly. There are some excellent locations for outdoor and indoor weddings such as venue hire in Croydon. If it is an outdoor event make sure to consider the weather on the day that you have set for the event, or if it seems like a bit of risky weather situation, then simply have a backup plan ready in the case of an unexpected turn of events. For indoor weddings, this factor is not an issue, all you have to consider in this case is how far away is it and how easily can the guests and other people such as the cater get to it. You most definitely don’t want a location that is too far away as the travel time will become a big problem.

Privacy Of The Event

This is another factor often forgotten to consider by many. The privacy of the wedding or any event for that matter is quite significant. No one would like to have their event or wedding be a public event, therefore when considering a location, make sure to clarify that it provides ample privacy to the couple and the guests, this is especially important when it is a wedding or an official gathering.

Good Lighting

You most certainly don’t want your guests to be in a gloomy little space on the day of your wedding. Make sure the lighting of the place is as you need; make sure to test the lighting and finalize things before confirming the place. Bad lighting can ruin the whole event, especially a wedding what with all the photographs being taken.

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