Four Mistakes You Must Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning is something that sounds fun, but once you really get yourself around it, you may realize it is a lot of work! This is indeed true as weddings require a lot of planning for it to be a successful one. Especially, if this your first time planning a wedding, there may be certain things you are not sure to go ahead with. In this case, you are likely to make mistakes. Therefore, the below tips will guide through such mistakes you must avoid when planning your wedding. In this manner, you will be able to fulfill your dream of having the wedding you’ve always dreamt of!

Creating Your Guest List Too Early

Although it is important to create your guest list early for purposes such as booking the venue, you must never create it too early. This is because some guests may need time to confirm and you are likely to miss out certain people. Therefore, you need to give yourself time to give this thought and finalizing the list. You should also ask your friends and family to help you in this just in case they remember anyone you may have missed out. Therefore, make sure to reserve at least 3-4 weeks to create your guest list and create your guest list around 2 months prior to the event.

Skipping Wedding Photography

Wedding photography and videography is a must. Wedding moments must be saved as pictures and videos to cherish later. If you don’t, you will look back and regret the fact that you skipped your wedding photography. Never use your phone to take pictures and videos of important moments. Especially, if you want to make an album or have your memories on the wall, capturing pictures from a phone will not provide you with photos of good quality.

Being Attached To One Theme

There may be a particular theme that you like. However, you need to remember that there are many other themes available nowadays apart from the theme that has always been in your mind. Therefore, never hesitate to carry out some research and explore other ideas of wedding themes. You can also come up with your own theme and decoration ideas. In this case, you may consider options such as wedding supplies Canberra for customized decorations to make your wedding more beautiful.

Reserving Your Fashion Budget For Just The Dress

Brides often make the mistake of only paying attention to their wedding dress when deciding on the fashion budget. There are many other costs associated with the dress that you need to think of. For example, you may have to pay for shipping costs, costs for alternations and other accessories such as jewelry and shoes. Therefore, before creating your budget you must add all these aspects to your list.

Thus, by paying attention to these tips, you can be aware of which mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding. This will help you to avoid any regrets and organize your wedding in the most memorable way.

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